Vendor Application for Tamale Fest

The Tamale Fest has opportunities for food and art vendors to sell your goods and promote your products and services. If you are interested in participating in this year’s Centro Cultural Tamale Festival, then please submit the brief vendor application. A member of the Tamale Fest organizing committee will contact you with more details and all necessary application forms.


The fee for Vendors

Individual/Tamalero Food Vendor Space (10×10 space)–$150
Business/Food Truck Food Vendor Space (no larger than 10×20) —$250
Non-Food Business Booth (to promote your business; 10×10 space) —$150
Art Vendor or Non-Profit Org (10×10 space) – $50

Tents, tables, chairs, or electrical hook-ups are not provided. Vendors are responsible for providing their own equipment, furnishings and supplies.

**Please review the disclaimer below before submitting your vendor application.


The vendor assumes all risk and liability. The vendor is responsible for their taxes, sales, liability, goods and wares, money, property, federal, state, and local permits and regulations, personal safety, needs, and anything else. The festival is not responsible for theft, damage, loss of property or sales, vandalism, natural disaster, injury, or loss of any kind. You must comply with venue, and Festival Committee requirements. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, at any time. The vendor, or anyone associated with the vendor agrees to release Tamale Fest and all of its partners and sponsors (Centro Cultural, Caritas Village, Crosstown Arts and any others) of all responsibility for loss, damage, liability, injury, or any other loss of any kind. By submitting this form, you agree to abide by these guidelines, if selected as a vendor.

Vendor Application

  • Business Information

  • (Please include website address, Facebook name or other social media outlet that shows images or descriptions of your business.)
  • Contact Information

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